001 Super Slim

Allevol 001 jeans is quite tight when you try it on, and it will take a bit of time to wear it comfortably.

But when somebody can, it looks pretty cool…


Allevol 001 Super Slim Jeans

Allevol 001 Super Slim Jeans

Dan (from Son of a Stag) was wearing Allevol 001 so amazingly, not only the jeans but the styling all (shirt, shoes, belt, accesaries) well coordinated !!! (Do you read Japanese fashion magazine, Dan?) I just simply envy how cool he looks…

He also chain-stitched my 13oz jeans nicely.

Thank you Dan!

取扱店でもある、SON OF A STAG (サン オブ スタッグ)のスタッフ、Dan(ダン)が001をさらっと着こなしてました。


そして、僕の新しいジーンズをユニオンスペシャルで裾上げまでしてもらい、、、 ありがとう、ダン。



Allevol 002 jeans after 9months

After 9months of wearing, now my jeans looks like this after the 3rd wash at 40c with washing powder.

9ヵ月後のジーンズはこんな感じです (3回目の洗濯は40度で、アリエールを使いました、、、)。

Allevol jeans 002 - 3rd wash

Allevol jeans 002 - 3rd wash

This jeans can be now seen at Son of a stag in Brick Lane.

Please visit the shop if you are around and have a look!

このジーンズは、ブリックレーンの Son of a stag にあります。