Red Wing shoes

It’s been 13 years since I bought this shoes (the sole was changed recently). It was massive Redwing boom in Japan (mid/late 90s) and some shops were selling these for $500… It was crazy days.

It’s not as popular as it used to be in Japan but I see many UK shops stock nowadays.

Does it mean that UK is 10-15years behind…?

In fact, denim boom in Japan was little earlier than Redwing boom. Then, street clothing…

Alas, we will see.

13年前に買ったレッドウィング。 高校生の時に凄く流行って、卒業してお金を貯めて買った記憶があります。

13 years old redwing shoes

13 years old redwing shoes

I think another 15years to go…