pineapple is good for a breech baby

I just found out first time that the baby can be up side down in their mother’s tummy…

And my wife has a breech baby and we were told by one of the midwife that pineapple is good for them (how good is it really?!?!?). There are other ways.

And here is the pineapple we bought…. They looked fantastic, so it may work… Finger crossed.


うちの奥さんがそれで、パイナップルを食べるのがいいと、看護婦さんに言われまして (本当に良いのかどうか、、、!)。

で、パイナップルを買ってきました。 すごく良い色してるんで、効くかもしれないですね。

I actually didn’t know how pineapple looked like until I got quite older, like late teens (I was eating only canned/already cut one).  When I found out that the above is pineapple, I was just dazed and confused where the small yellow bit were coming from…