Sidewinder apparel

I got a belt from Sidewinder apparel.


Sidewinder apparel

Sidewinder apparel

It’s very thick, solid, beautifully rivetted and it comes with a nice little bag…


一番端っこにあるリベットが最初はベルトループに引っかかって気になったんですが、慣れると音が「カチャッ」とならないと気がすまないようになります、、、。 あと、小さいコットンバッグがついてきます。

Leather belt from Sidewinder

Leather belt from Sidewinder

We will see how this belt becomes in the future…

どんな色になっていくか楽しみです。 半年後くらいでしょうか、、、。

They also have beautiful bags, all carefully sourced and manufactured in UK.

Please visit the website.


My son got a new car

My friend (Thank you Dan san!) got a new car for my son, beautiful vintage style one.

I simply envy him…



Although it’s small, little early for him (the car can be used (advised) from 18months old.

18ヶ月から使用可能っと書いてありました。 ちょっと早いですね。

I actually fancy this one called strider for me, if there is big one!





Again hi-standard


I was lucky to be at Joyous‘s gig at Bull & Gate in Kentish Town a white ago.

I’ve seen many indie bands, but it was easily the one of the best performance I’ve seen in the last few years.

All songs have beautiful melody, nostalgic pop and each member are beautifully engineered playing their part.

Quite honestly, they will be massive in Japan!!!




多分、日本では間違いなく売れると思います。 今年から幾つかのギグに参加する予定なので、見にいける人は是非。 お勧めです。

David Harris

David Harris

Liam Looney

Liam Looney

Kieran Mcloughlin

Kieran Mcloughlin

Dan Findell (Keyboards) & Dan lawinski (Bass)

Dan Findell (Keyboards) & Dan lawinski (Bass)

My shot of the day…


the shot of the day

the shot of the day

I really enjoyed and thank you Joyous…





Dragon Ash

I was de-cluttering my CD and found this Japanese Hiphop/rock band called Dragon Ash.

This song came out like, when I graduated high school nearly 15years ago and I thought they were something else…  And I still think this song is awesome…


確かこの曲売れ始めたのって僕が高校を卒業した辺りだったと思いますが、、、 っていうか凄すぎ。

I always prefered their rock songs than hip hop one, but this one is nice and easy hiphop…

僕は、ロック調の曲が好きでした、 ただこの曲はすごく有名でしたね。 懐かしい。

I didn’t know they released this kind of songs now…. I need to dig a bit…

こういう曲を最近はリリースしてたんですね、、、。 聞いてみようっと。

Running for charity

I forgot to write this post in English, and here I am asking all of you if you could contribute/donate when I completed my half marathon challenge, here. (it’s  not that I am not gonna wash my jeans for 6months!)

The thing is that, I have not yet decided which half marathon to run, but two people (I don’t know them really) already donated around £35 each… (Please tell me who you are, I would like to thank you personally)

I am quite amazed by this that someone you don’t know is donating for what you are doing…

Anyway, Here is the details of who I am running for.

It is a charity based in Japan,  it’s like FA (football association: organises event/training/etc) for disabled Japanese footballers.  I am aiming to donate 50000 Yen, which is about £370 (£1 = 134 Yen  10th Feb 2011).

So far, 11,174 Yen (£83 equivalent) I raised and still long long way to go…

It would be highly appreciated If you could  donate.  If you like to donate online through justgiving, but don’t understand Japanese or want to pay me by cash, I can donate on your behalf. Please also let me know.

Well, I gotta start training…..

1month wear

I thought I could take pictures of how the jeans are evolving every week, but not really able to…

Here is the pictures, after 1month wear (5 days a week ish), no wash (worn from raw).

The pictures look better than the real one actually and I already want to wash the jeans…(although I decided to wear minimum 3months, longer if possible).

Alevol 001 after 1month

Alevol 001 after 1month

It was little tight around the knee, but after a couple of wears, it just settled well.

Alevol 001 after 1month

Alevol 001 after 1month

Alevol 001 after 1month

Alevol 001 after 1month


I found this really classic… (took these pictures several days ago)


London bus with ad

London bus with ad

Here is the close up.




We all know what’s happening there right now, yes? Or I guess we don’t…?


訳すると、 「エジプト、全てはここから始まる、、、」でしょうか?



Allevol 002 slim jeans

This is good size, nicely worn, prime example of how 002 should be worn…


同じ物を僕が穿いていた写真とは大違いです、、、。 自分では結構似合ってると思っていたんですが(笑)

002 Slim jeans

002 Slim jeans