happy new year

Well, it’s not yet, but I wish you all the best for 2011!

まだ開けてはいませんが (日本はもう開けてますね)、開けましておめでとうございます。





Merry xmas

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you and your family  a Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year.

I hope you enjoy the holidays and I look forward to catching up with you/your jeans in 2011.


Good luck with any New Year’s resolutions!


ALlevol 14.6oz jeans without wash

Intense colour fade is all denim geeks want to see.

This Allevol 001 Super Slim jeans is worn few months without wash… (and this picture was taken several weeks ago)

Great work!

Allevol 001 jeans without wash

Allevol 001 jeans without wash

Please participate in our jeans contest and I hope to see your jeans!



This is not yet officially decided, but Allevol will provide/give something for every participant!

Kego park – Tenjin Fukuoka Japan

My sister sent me a few pictures of Fukuoka that I would like to share here…

Daimaru Fukuoka

Daimaru Fukuoka

Apparently, the doll is made of used plastic bottles and there are also small dolls that people can put the cap of the plastic bottle into, to make the doll.

I very much like the concept that everyone can feel the participation of this ecology/xmas combined.

僕の妹が送ってくれた写真。 福岡大丸のエルガーラ(?)。

このプラスティックボトルで出来たイルミネーション、凄く良いですよね。 小さい熊の方は、ペットボトルのキャップが入れれるようになっていて、みんなの力を合わせて完成させるというコンセプト(写真はありませんが、、)。 素晴らしいです。

Kego Park xmas Tenjin Fukuoka Japan

Kego Park xmas Tenjin Fukuoka Japan

Now we need to wait Santa to come…!


xmas shopping


あとは、全部オンラインでします。 この季節は人がいっぱいで大変です。

xmas shopping in oxford street

xmas shopping in oxford street