Red Wing shoes

It’s been 13 years since I bought this shoes (the sole was changed recently). It was massive Redwing boom in Japan (mid/late 90s) and some shops were selling these for $500… It was crazy days.

It’s not as popular as it used to be in Japan but I see many UK shops stock nowadays.

Does it mean that UK is 10-15years behind…?

In fact, denim boom in Japan was little earlier than Redwing boom. Then, street clothing…

Alas, we will see.

13年前に買ったレッドウィング。 高校生の時に凄く流行って、卒業してお金を貯めて買った記憶があります。

13 years old redwing shoes

13 years old redwing shoes

I think another 15years to go…



001 Super Slim

Allevol 001 jeans is quite tight when you try it on, and it will take a bit of time to wear it comfortably.

But when somebody can, it looks pretty cool…


Allevol 001 Super Slim Jeans

Allevol 001 Super Slim Jeans

Dan (from Son of a Stag) was wearing Allevol 001 so amazingly, not only the jeans but the styling all (shirt, shoes, belt, accesaries) well coordinated !!! (Do you read Japanese fashion magazine, Dan?) I just simply envy how cool he looks…

He also chain-stitched my 13oz jeans nicely.

Thank you Dan!

取扱店でもある、SON OF A STAG (サン オブ スタッグ)のスタッフ、Dan(ダン)が001をさらっと着こなしてました。


そして、僕の新しいジーンズをユニオンスペシャルで裾上げまでしてもらい、、、 ありがとう、ダン。


Allevol 002 jeans after 9months

After 9months of wearing, now my jeans looks like this after the 3rd wash at 40c with washing powder.

9ヵ月後のジーンズはこんな感じです (3回目の洗濯は40度で、アリエールを使いました、、、)。

Allevol jeans 002 - 3rd wash

Allevol jeans 002 - 3rd wash

This jeans can be now seen at Son of a stag in Brick Lane.

Please visit the shop if you are around and have a look!

このジーンズは、ブリックレーンの Son of a stag にあります。


Golders Hill Park

Golders Hill Park is the place where I often walk, run, have a picnic and one of my favorite parks in London.


I took the following pictures the other day.

花の写真を幾つか、、、。 以前の蜂の写真もここです。



pineapple is good for a breech baby

I just found out first time that the baby can be up side down in their mother’s tummy…

And my wife has a breech baby and we were told by one of the midwife that pineapple is good for them (how good is it really?!?!?). There are other ways.

And here is the pineapple we bought…. They looked fantastic, so it may work… Finger crossed.


うちの奥さんがそれで、パイナップルを食べるのがいいと、看護婦さんに言われまして (本当に良いのかどうか、、、!)。

で、パイナップルを買ってきました。 すごく良い色してるんで、効くかもしれないですね。

I actually didn’t know how pineapple looked like until I got quite older, like late teens (I was eating only canned/already cut one).  When I found out that the above is pineapple, I was just dazed and confused where the small yellow bit were coming from…


I was around Canary wharf yesterday.

I was trying to find a parking space, but couldn’t at all around 500m from my destination (yes I was little lazy to walk, I must admit).

The post office driver parked his car at the double yellow line in front of me. I asked him

“is it ok to park here today?” He said

“Saturday, inn’t” He replied with his cockney accent.

I wasn’t convinced at all with his answer (it’s not because how he spoke) and I asked the porter at quite exquisite residential building nearby. I asked

“Can I park at double yellow line today?” He said

“Well, you can park anywhere around today, it’s Saturday”

I don’t know why I didn’t google it then (with my phone), but somehow these two answers convinced me I could park at the double yellow line (and there were so many cars parking at the double yellow).

After an hour,  I got parking ticket…

On my way home to North London, my phone battery was dead, completely.

I just couldn’t resist hitting my head on the wheel, feeling how stupid I was (not switching off the navigation on my phone, asking silly questions, etc) and just started the engine anyway.

I somehow got around City (didn’t know where I was then), still confused which way to go.

As I was waiting at the red signal, I heard black cab driver loudly singing a song from Stone Roses. I felt

“this guy must be cool” I was bit hesitant to ask question to stranger, but asked anyway

“How can I get to Camden from here?” He just minimised the volume and said

“Well, you gotta go ahead, through the tunnel, take right, then….  You know what? Follow me and I get you nearby, unless  I take customer, mate”

My heart just melted.

I was following him about 10mins and it was already near Kings Cross (where I’m more familier with the area). Then he got customer. He shouted at me while the customer was getting on

“Just go straight mate!”

Yes I did mate, like waterfall…

My wife is pregnant

so that I am now reading (together with my wife) a book called The Birth Book (by William Sears)…


pregnancy book by William Sears

pregnancy book by William Sears

っで、結構大変そうです、、、。 親には感謝ですね、本当に。 ありがとう。

summer ending

Summer is ending, but we still need to work hard like this bee…

Tube worker also should work hard like it…

ロンドンでは夏が終わりを告げた感じがしますね。 8月は本当に最悪の天候でしたが、、、。



and another sticking his head…