British Pound Is Hammered

Against Japanese Yen, like this…

Japanese Yen now reaches 120 mark

Japanese Yen now reaches 120 mark

I didn’t see this coming, really.

Allevol denim products are all made in Japan (fabrics sourced from Japan).

If I compare the price from 2007, our cost of making denim technically doubled.

I am not expecting sometime soon that British Pound get as high as 250Yen (I don’t think we will see this again another 10years or so unless Korean war starts or some sort of disaster happens in Japan, touch wood) but had feeling that it would stay  somewhere between 150 and 175mark.

Too bad calculation, or just my expectation, or now even hope.

If this pricing continues, we would simply need to put price up around 20-25% (please note that the inflation of raw materials (like cotton) are not included in this).

Making/manufacturing in UK now makes sense to me…





This is a picture of my friends in 1998-1999 in Nagasaki, over 11 years ago.

I am the 2nd right one, and was wearing N-3B (60s), Levi’ late 70s corduroy pants, Redwing Irish Setter suede (which I still wear. I will update sometime), and Porter x GoodEnough collaboration bag. I was working as a clothing shop assistant then (when I was 18yrs-ish), and remember most of the money was going into clothing…

It was then this Urahara (Harajuku) street clothing boom was really on, these popular brands (like Bathing Ape, Undercover, Neighborhood, GoodEnough) were so difficult to get hold of (so is now?). I was also into these brands, but American vintage clothing was my/mate’s favorites (although I liked Paul Smith, some UK brands etc)

We went Nagasaki for our high school graduation trip, basically looking for American vintage clothing (Fukuoka, where we are from, had many American clothing shop but there were very expensive). It doesn’t show but I (the 2nd right) was looking at the map, searching for famous clothing shops.

Since then…

One took over vegetable business from his dad

One started American vintage clothing shop in Fukuoka

One decided not to follow his parents footsteps (his grand dad is Human Treasure in Japan, as Hakata Doll Maker-Hakata Ningyou)

One set up clothing-denim brand in London


This picture makes me think that Allevol needs to make Chino pants…

I remember from this picture that these guys were wearing:

-40’s army issue chino’s, 50’s Woolrich half jacket, Gregory, Patagonia jacket, Allstar, Nike ACG, Northface… Lots of American stuff!!!

Denim factory

One of the most important factors of creating good jeans is choosing the right fabric (I would like to think so!).

If you have good ingredients (seasonal foods could be as good as it gets!),  cooking method can be as simple as adding salt and pepper. Some cases, not even adding anything. Strawberry in summer is a good example. You can add milk, sugar, or yogurt  to enhance the taste, but I simply prefer without anything.

There are so many great denim fabrics available in the market, Japanese, Chinese, Italian, American, and recently Turkish fabrics are also pretty good standard. As we manufacture in Japan, importing Turkish/Italian denim do not make any sense. In fact, nobody imports (except some) denim from abroad, as we have many Japanese denim manufacturing companies such as, Kaihara, Kurabo, Nisshinbo, etc.

We (Allevol) use fabrics from Okayama, in Western Part of Japan (Near Hiroshima). 14oz selvedge denim is rope dyed and woven specially for us in small family run business in Okayama. 13oz one though, is made by Okayama’s biggest mill (pictures below).

Colouring/dyeing process is quite overwhelming and the weaving process is the fun bit (by Toyoda shuttle loom) for me to see but very time consuming…

For the purist

Once Andy from Denimology told me that our products are for the purist, we were delighted to hear that (although it could’ve been very kind compliment). We have not compromise anything in terms of quality of the product (well, maybe having original button & rivet could be done, yes but that’s for the future!).

I must admit that Allevol selvedge jeans 14oz one is not for everyone. We have created this jeans for the people who really care. We didn’t really try to find customers for our product. We just tried to create products for the purist.

Please visit our stockists to see our denim.

13oz jeans re-stocked

13oz Japanese red selvedge jeans just arrived UK, and it will be re-stocked soon (sometime at the weekend).

Please visit your nearest stockists.

Kinkakuji (Gold Temple)

I’m a big fan of lego, and this is just superb!

The real place looks like this.