Japanese football players U-18

Young Japanese footballers are pretty good, I mean very good like them…

We are just getting there…
This year’s world cup though, it will be very tough one for Japan.
でも、今年のワールドカップはかなり厳しいでしょうね。 僕の予想では、1勝(もしくは1分け)もできないと思います、残念ながら。


My top 3 favorite bands

My favorite bands that I wish I would love to see again (もう一度見てみたいバンド、 1. ニルヴァーナ、 2.ビートルズ、 3.ハイスタンダード)

1. Nirvana

2. Beatles

3. Hi-Standard

Well, it is impossible to see the first two, but the last one, Hi – Standard (I think the members are still alive?) can be re-grouped…?

1,2共にメンバーが揃わないので厳しいですが、 ハイスタは? 僕の青春のバンドのひとつです。 是非もう一度みたいな。 正直レッド・ツェッペリンの再結成よりも、興味があります、、、。

Some may say that it’s difficult to understand what they are singing,,,. Yes they are singing in English and playing, so be easy. Tough to do the both!

Same song but with lovely guitar solo…

Awesome tech and beautiful scarf!


Georgian house extension

Georgian house and this extension? Which council allowed this? I may consider to live there…

ジョージアンの家に、 これはまずいんじゃ、、、? どこのカウンシルか知りたいですね。 でもこんな事許すカウンシルも、ちょっと魅力です。

New cut 005

We will have new cut and it’s coming  soon at our stockists

新しいシルエットのジーンズがもうすぐ発売されます。 お近くの取扱店にて、、。

Allevol Boot cut jeans

005 Boot cut jeans by Allevol

Love wins

This song was super popular in Japan in 90s.


This song must’ve been sold over 2millon copies in Japan, at least.

But what the hell is this visual thing? Record company spent nothing on this…

多分、軽くミリオンセラーでしょうね、 すごくポジティブで、リズム感も良く、素晴らしい曲だと思います。

でも、どうしてこんなクリップなんでしょう? もうちょっとお金をかけてもよかったろうに、、。

Anyway, what I actually believe in this song (or lyrics) is, although it’s super corny, we need to believe in something if you want to really achieve it.


We (Allevol) have been believing in creating good products since the start (and I hope that people who bought our product can feel the same!)


However, I must admit the journey so far has not been great…


It has been tough, hectic, lots of argument/fights, sweat, blood and tears (well, I haven’t really cried yet).


I guess I’ve got to believe that love always wins in the end!