Japanese festival in London – Matsuri –

Apparently, UK/Japan had 150year relationship and this event (http://japanmatsuri.com/) was the celebration for its anniversary.

I visited there nearly the end of the event, not much food left (if left, long que was there… and we went Gourmet Burger Kitchen… yes it was shame: nothing wrong with the burger, they are nice!).

In the end though, there was Taiko performers (I think they are quite famous one) playing excellent music.

Japanese fesitival Matsuri London

Japanese fesitival Matsuri London

There was also Behihana chef showing some skill with Sausage cutting!

benihana chef in Matsuri festival in London

benihana chef in Matsuri festival in Londo

It’s strange to say this but I was quite proud to see/be Japanese after this event.

The event could have been organised little better, bit more entertaining for the visitors (but I guess to make it too commercial wasn’t aim of this event).