regent street without cars

regent street

regent street

regent street

As we all know, regent street is the most prestigious,  well-established high street in the world. Some say queen own them all (yes all may not be true but some are, I’m sure, owned by her and duke of Westminster!)

リージェンツストリートって世界でも一流のハイストリートだと思います (もちろん、ニューヨークにも、東京にも、パリにもあるかと思います)。幾つかの人は、この物件全ては、クイーン(女王)が持っているという人もいますが、、、 でも、多少は持ってるでしょう、クイーンと、ウェストミンスターの公爵が、、。


For the last few years though, this well known high street has been getting less people (or more people but spending less money) due to the internet shopping.  The event like this, without car, only for walker may bring more people on this street. I think it’s brilliant idea, playing live music, serving food/drink,  create great atmosphere too.  I don’t know whether this event will be the magic bullet for people spending less money online, but will certainly give  people exciting/enjoyable experience.

ここ数年の話ですが、この有名なハイストリートではあんまり人が来なくなった(もしくは、人がお金を使わなくなった:人がネットでショッピングをするようになった為)といわれています。 道に座って、ビールを飲みながら、おしゃべりしている人、 子供連れで、ゆっくり歩き回る家族など、リージェントストリートを歩行者天国にしたこのイベントは、すごく良い雰囲気を出してたと思います。 ネットに対する特効薬になるかは別としてですが、、、。

I don’t know what this event was all about though….




Visited first time one of the UK’s lovely city, Leeds.

Some say nothing interesting there apart from the night life, or Leeds united.

I found it very interesting that new and old archtecual builing are kinda making this city rather nice.


leeds town


leeds near...

All these buildings have clock… I think having own watch was very expensive then and architect thoughts it would be nice to have clock, as everyone sees the building…?

Now I’m thinking what is good thing to put on the building?

Ad? Yes they are all over the places, but something creative…

Something nice…

If you have any idea, please comment.

P.s My favourite is the 4th (last) picture!

Japanese festival in London – Matsuri –

Apparently, UK/Japan had 150year relationship and this event ( was the celebration for its anniversary.

I visited there nearly the end of the event, not much food left (if left, long que was there… and we went Gourmet Burger Kitchen… yes it was shame: nothing wrong with the burger, they are nice!).

In the end though, there was Taiko performers (I think they are quite famous one) playing excellent music.

Japanese fesitival Matsuri London

Japanese fesitival Matsuri London

There was also Behihana chef showing some skill with Sausage cutting!

benihana chef in Matsuri festival in London

benihana chef in Matsuri festival in Londo

It’s strange to say this but I was quite proud to see/be Japanese after this event.

The event could have been organised little better, bit more entertaining for the visitors (but I guess to make it too commercial wasn’t aim of this event).

London Fashion week

Just visited the London Fashion Week at Strand.




London Fashion Week (4)

London Fashion Week (2)

London Fashion Week (3)

Nike Airforce 1 all red colour

It arrived finally…


Nike town london bag

Nike town london bag

And the shoes,,,,

赤い靴。 これ、赤すぎかな、、、。

Nike air force 1 all red colour

Nike air force 1 all red colour

battersea bridge

Battersea bridge at night.

battersea bridge

battersea bridge

僕の義理のお兄さんがバタシーに住んでいるので、よく通る橋。 冬のイルミネーションはすごく綺麗です。

*** Sorry it’s chelsea bridge actually.


tapdancing with rollerskate


cool reception desk