G20 London

I’m not interested in politics, but very much interested in economy, as it is very important factor to know for the business and we are just about to see one of the most important event of the economy in the world, G20.

I certainly do not like how Gordon Brown has been making mistakes for British people (selling gold cheaply, keeping interest rate low when the rate should’ve been at 7 or 8%: we may see the rate going up again near 10% after this QE near future, but that’s out of topic this time. I think it may happen in 2, 3years time though) for the last 10 years.

But, I really do not care anymore, I really would like to see he’s gonna come up with something with these, supposed to be, the top people. Otherwise, we’ll be in trouble.

Will we see standardised/unified currency?

We’ll wait and see,,.



St albans -beautiful waffle

I went to St Albans with my family for a nice day out.



Visiting St Albans was second visit and it really made me think that someday I would love to live in this lovely small town.



I’m sure there are many things out there in St Albans, but I must say the cathedral is worth a visit. In addition, the waffle house just right next to the park is one of the best waffle I ever had in my life, and strongly recommend if you have time (I mean, for me I needed to have time to visit there!). My favorite is hummous and avocado, even though I tried something else that day.



大聖堂はすごくベタだと思うんですが、、、でもいって見る価値はありますよ (ちなみに、入り口で大の字を作ってるのが奥さんです)。

ワッフルハウスは本気でお勧めです。本当に美味しいです。僕のお勧めはヒュモスとアヴォカドのワッフルで、甘いソースが軽くかかっているんですが、日本人の口にはすごく合うと思います (もちろん、アイスクリーム系も美味しいんですが)。


うーん、また行きたくなってきました。 ロンドンでも店を開けてほしいですね。

trademark infringement by google

I have read interesting article from BBC.



If LVMH wins this case, anyone owns trademarks (that is also being sold at adwords) could sue Google?



I think this is going too far, however, considering the fact that the online marketing revenue goes to google (some countries, it has nearly 80% of its share), most of it, someone needs to start to fight against them,,?

正直、これは、行き過ぎだと僕は思うんですが、、。 でも、インターネットの広告料のほとんどがグーグルにいっている事を考慮すると、誰かが何かしないと、いけないかなっという気もします(僕の友人は、もう手遅れと言っている人もいますが、、。 いや、でも、アップルが最近巻き返してきたように、勝負は最後までわかりませんよね)。


The issue for LVMH is that they have their own exclusive online retail like eluxury.com to sell Vuitton products.



However, when you type “vuitton” in Google, right now (17th March 2009) you’ll see like this


80%Off Designer Handbags

HOT Runway Celebrity IT Bags.

Free shipping world-wide TODAY.





I’m sure if you are the brand owner, you wouldn’t be happy to see such sponsored link just right next to your website description (and you get even angry by the fact that google makes good money for this pay per click advertising: the cost per click (right now) is £0.40 and 1.2 million people type “vuitton” every month,,. wow!)

もし、あなたがブランドのオーナーだったとしたら、正直嬉しい気分にはならないですよね、、。 しかも、もっと怒りたくなってくるのが、この広告で(今のところですが)、グーグルは40ペンス(約65円)のクリック料をとってます。 しかも、月に120万のヒットがあるようです (そのうち何人がこのスポンサーリンクをクリックしてるかはわかりませんが)


Only god knows what would happen to this case.

Me? I’m not bothered to be honest as long as Google gives me some traffic,,.

結果は神のみぞ知る、、、でしょうか? この審査、最低でも、1年弱位かかるようです。

正直、僕はどーでもいいんです。 グーグルがうちのウェブにたくさんの人を連れてきてくるだけで、いいんですから。



Banksy Graffiti in London

I think this picture was taken about a year ago,,.


battersea bridge

battersea bridge

I remember that no one did anything on this concrete for a while. I’m not sure now though,,.

バンクシーのステンシルですね、、。 これ、今はどうなってるかわかりませんが、、、。



As you see the logo of ALLEVOL on top of this blog, I have asked my friend to make the logo like Banksy‘s style, and am big fan of his work.



We can still find some of his work in London and I really look forward to seeing his work.


最近は、正体が明かされましたが、 これからも、期待したいものです。